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The Best Employee Onboarding App is not an App!

Employee onboarding apps are a thing of the past!

In an era of digital transformation, choosing an employee onboarding app can significantly impact employee onboarding results if you go from a manual process, but should you invest in an onboarding app in 2024?

Read this article to learn how Preppio Journeys and AI chatbots are a modern alternative to employee onboarding apps. 

A new generation entering the workforce:

With a generation entering the workforce that thrives on instant, engaging interactions similar to those offered by platforms like TikTok and Instagram, conventional methods are increasingly seen as outdated and ineffective. With Chat-GPT and AI, we are experiencing the rise of new conversational platforms with chatbots that are human-like in their capabilities.

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The Shortcomings of Employee Onboarding Apps:

Traditional employee onboarding apps, while well-intentioned and innovative when created in the 2010s, frequently miss the mark in engaging new employees effectively. These platforms often suffer from:

  • Complex and Cumbersome Access: Requiring new hires to download, update, and install an app just for onboarding can be hard, especially in larger organizations that already ask employees to use apps for other use cases.

  • Managers and buddies do not engage:

    Managers are 70% of the onboarding experience and the average manager has to login to multiple apps and portals on a daily basis, and the average company has about 200 different tools according to Octa. Requiring managers and buddies to adopt another system for onboarding often results in low compliance and a lack of adoption. Emails about an onboarding task from the app will often stay unnoticed in a full inbox or their daily routine.

  • Post-Day-One Drop-off: Engagement with the onboarding app typically plummets dramatically after the first day, as new hires are eager to learn about their new work before day one and willing to go through the hurdles, but after day one, these apps become zombie apps and not a helpful tool for the actual onboarding process

  • Expensive to implement and maintain: Companies that invest in an app for employee onboarding often spend a lot of time building the app, and maintaining it requires a lot of work. Especially if the app needs to cater to different business needs and unique roles, locations, technical problems with updates in the app, and log-in issues.

  • Offboarding, reboarding, and other transitions: Other processes similar to onboarding that are time-consuming and critical for the employee experience are hard to build into the onboarding app. 

Preppio’s Experience-Driven Onboarding Journeys

Preppio understands these challenges and has crafted a solution that resonates with the modern employee’s lifestyle and expectations. Our platform transforms onboarding into an intuitive and engaging process without needing to download an app and in the existing flow of work. With the option to add AI chatbots to message people during onboarding and answer questions, you also have a modern and more effective solution if you go for Preppio.

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  • SMS-Driven Communication: By leveraging direct SMS communications, Preppio eliminates the need for cumbersome logins and apps, allowing instant access to onboarding content in a web-browser-like experience, but with the same security measures you would expect.
  • Consumer-Like Experience: Preppio’s platform is designed to feel familiar and engaging, much like the social media apps that new hires use daily with as few clicks as possible and you will not miss any features you get in your app with the Preppio web-based experience.
  • Integrated Real-Time Assistance: Through AI-driven chatbots integrated within tools like MS Teams and Slack, Preppio offers just-in-time communications to managers, buddies, and new hires right in the flow of work, without the need for separate logins or interfaces. 
  • Easy to build Journeys for transitions: Preppio has a library of over 200+ templates and journeys for use cases like onboarding, offboarding, new manager, and parental leave and it is easy to personalize it for different roles, locations, and countries. 
  • Easy to integrate into HRIS solutions: Preppio can integrate into solutions like Workday and SuccessFactors, and we are partners at CornerStoneOnDemand. Preppio does not feel like another tool for the organization since the Preppio Journeys are completely branded to your company in the flow of work.

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The Science Behind Preppio – The 6Cs Framework

At the core of Preppio’s strategy is the scientifically-backed 6Cs framework by our Chief Scientist Dr. Talya Bauer, that focuses on Compliance, Clarification, Confidence, Connection, Culture, and Check-back. This framework ensures that every aspect of onboarding is purposefully designed to enhance engagement, retention, and overall employee satisfaction.

Preppio offers best practices and over 200+ templates and best practices, and we will partner with you in building a world-class onboarding experience. Read our employee onboarding playbook for more information about our content and best practices here. 

Transformative Results with Preppio

Companies switching from employee onboarding apps to Preppio’s innovative journeys observe dramatic improvements:

  • Enhanced Completion Rates: Engagement metrics for communications and onboarding tasks with Preppio are very high compared to onboarding apps due to less hassle for new hires. The SMS-driven approach is very effective for deskless employees who do not use e-mail as much.
  • Managerial Involvement: Managers show significantly higher engagement levels, as the messages in MSTeams are easy to engage with compared to apps to download. 
  • Increased Efficiency and Satisfaction: The seamless integration of onboarding tasks into daily workflows greatly increases efficiency and satisfaction both for HR teams and new hires.


The traditional employee onboarding apps are no longer sufficient in a world where speed, simplicity, and engagement rule. Preppio offers a refreshing, effective alternative that not only meets the expectations of the modern workforce but exceeds them, transforming the onboarding experience into a delightful journey with just-in-time and engaging communications in the flow of work.

Preppio can streamline the onboarding experience without needing new hires, managers, or buddies to download an app. We offer the same consumer-like experience you would get in an app, but we can also engage employees with SMS, E-mail, and chatbots in MSTeams and Slack. Apps are also hard to implement, maintain, and drive adoption, and their use case is limited to pre- and onboarding, not for the entire employee life cycle.

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