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How Scoot Airlines automated a WOW employee onboarding experience 


Scoot Airlines is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines Group, offering economical flights to 70 destinations. The company has over 1,800 employees.

“When I joined Scoot and went through the onboarding process myself, I realised this wasn’t optimal.

Since I was taking over the onboarding initiative, I knew we could do more

Preppio is one of the best vendors we've worked with.

It only took about a week to build out an entire onboarding sequence, that’s very fast!”

Geraldine Gan

Employee Experience Manager



  • Managers had no opportunity to engage with new hires before their start date

  • Manual tasks slowed the onboarding process with increased risk of human error

  • Unable to share information easily with employees in an efficient manner



  • Designed an effective and interactive onboarding experience with Preppio’s drag and drop HR automation workflows

  • Automated time-consuming onboarding tasks between HR, managers, and new hires

  • Launched an internal communication strategy using SMS and chatbots in Workplace to achieve extensive reach


  • Utilizing Workplace as an onboarding application where new hires and managers participate in personalized interactions, tasks, and surveys, all in one place

  • HR eliminated over 50 manual onboarding tasks with workflow automation, saving time on mundane repetitive work

  • Employees enjoy strengthened internal communications via chatbot in Workplace

“As our crew are always on the go, they may not have an easy access to laptops especially when overseas.

We made use of Preppio to reach out to all employees instantly via SMS and chatbots on their mobile devices"

Ivan Chuah

Director, Human Resources


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