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The difference between Workday Onboarding Module and Preppio


Workday Onboarding module and Preppio. What are the differences, distinct approaches and unique features?

In this article, we'll dissect both platforms through the lens of the scientific framework known as the "6Cs of Onboarding," developed by Talya Bauer Ph.D. And show you the difference between Workday Onboarding Module and Preppio.

The 6C framework for onboarding is a science-driven approach to how companies can build a more mature onboarding process. And with increase maturity, reduce new hire turnover, get new hires up to productivity, and other benefits for the organization that you can read more about here.

This article outlined how Workday and Preppio differ when it comes to the 6 C framework and onboarding maturity scale, so you can make an informed decision for your organization's onboarding needs.

Workday: Compliance and triggers

Workday is an all-in-one HRM that has a compliance-driven approach to onboarding, with a strong focus on system-first and task management.

  • Automated Task Notifications (Compliance): Workday can automating email notifications based on pending tasks in Workday. It ensures that new hires stay on track by receiving timely reminders for essential onboarding assignments.

  • Streamlined Compliance (Compliance): It offers a system for managing compliance-related activities, such as provisioning equipment, granting access to systems, and gathering data from managers and employees that need to be in Workday.

  • System of record for onboarding (Compliance): Workday becomes the central repository for employee data and the hub for all things people.

Key benefits of using Workday onboarding module:

  1. Remind managers to do tasks in Workday
  2. Having an updated system of employee data in Workday
  3. Ensure new hires have what they need on day one with automated e-mails 

The negative aspects of Workday onboarding module:

1. It is hard for HR-to build and maintain a good onboarding process as the user interface is hard to use for HR, but also employees. This is why Workday consultants often support companies in implementing it.
2. The user experience does not lead to action, so employees and managers tend to not do the tasks or read the emails that come from the system.
3. It is not easy to gather data and insight into the onboarding experience and tasks

Preppio: Engagement and Employee Experience (The 6C's of onboarding)

Preppio is laser-focused on being a best-of-breed onboarding platform, and has taken a more holistic approach to onboarding, emphasizing manager engagement and employee experience, which aligns with the "6Cs of Onboarding" framework:

  • Pre-boarding (Culture): Preppio initiates employee engagement even before the first day on the job, using SMS messages with videos, surveys, and pictures to provide information about the company with no login or friction. This creates an enthusiastic atmosphere right from the start.

  • Cultural training (Connection): It accelerates the learning journey from a cultural perspective, ensuring new hires become "one of us" faster. 

  • Insights to HR (Check back) It gives HR insights into the process that has been followed, and insights into where it has failed.  

  • Continuous Feedback (Check Back): Preppio includes surveys that measure recruitment experience, first week on the job, onboarding success, and eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) during the first 12 months of employment. This data provides valuable insights into the onboarding process and employee satisfaction. 

  • Manager and buddy nudging (Clarification): Follow up with new hires with what to expect, and nudge and coach managers with templates and reminders to have a plan and communicate with new hires what to expect.

  • Chatbot Assistance (Confidence): The MSTeams chatbot gently nudges managers to ensure employees have a positive experience. With AI capabilities, it can efficiently answer questions, making onboarding smoother.

  • Modern Interface (Confidence): Preppio boasts a modern and user-friendly interface that eliminates friction. It connects with employees through channels they are familiar with, eliminating the need for multiple logins. 

Key benefits of Preppio are:

  1. Reduce early attrition and boost employee net promotor score
  2. Speed up time to new hire performance and reduce manager load
  3. Easy to use for HR and frictionless for managers and employees to use as it does not require another to log in or a system to learn how to use.

Where the Solutions Converge:

While Workday and Preppio have distinct strengths, they share some overlapping features:

  • Data Gathering: Both platforms can collect necessary information from employees, but Preppio often outperforms Workday due to its frictionless approach with mobile friendly approach that sends SMS, chat-messages and does not require log in in order to fill inn information.

  • Automated Communication and Tasks: Workday can send out automated emails, but did you know that the open rates of these e-mails are often less than 50%, and that Click Through Rates are 25%, read more about this in this article here on why e-mail does not work like it used to. Gen Z and Y are used to short and instant experiences in their private lived, unengaging e-mails are not how you build a great onboarding experience for them.

  • Preppio uses multi-channel communications with SMS, web-application, chat-messages or e-mail to engage new hires. Preppio's approach tends to be more engaging and effective as we have had customers get over 80% completion rates compared to 25% with e-mail-driven solutions.
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Why choose one over the other? 

Workday automated email notifications may lack engagement, as they often lack visual elements like images and videos. Younger employees, or employees who do not sit behind a desk all day may ignore or miss these emails, reducing their effectiveness. Additionally, the inundation of emails can overwhelm managers, who may not prioritize onboarding tasks.

But, it is needed to have the right data in the Workday HCM, and it is practical to have the option of automating tasks to systems and people in Workday to stay compliant. 

Preppio's SMS-based approach and modern interface make it more engaging and user-friendly. It's designed to capture the attention of younger employees and make the onboarding process smoother. Moreover, it often outperforms Workday in collecting data efficiently, and the usability is superior for HR which needs to build the onboarding journeys. 

However, if you seek to enhance employee engagement, streamline the onboarding process, and gather valuable insights, Preppio is a compelling option, aligning with the scientifically proven "6Cs of Onboarding" framework developed by Talya Bauer Ph.D. 

Carefully assess your organization's needs and goals to make the right choice for your onboarding journey. You can also learn how Scoot Airlines uses both Workday and Preppio to create a world-class onboarding process.