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Making Employee Onboarding Personal, at scale!

My personal experience as a new hire

Managers often blame hiring the wrong person when it does not work out, but often people are not effective in their jobs because of bad onboarding.

I know this because I was poorly onboarded into a part-time retail job when I was around 18 years old and failed. My manager did not give me a good onboarding, he did not have time and I was left to myself with no support and clarification on what he expected of me.



It is scary to join your organization as a new hire

The first day at a new job is a day we remember for the rest of our lives. Why?

Part of it is that human brains are wired to remember the beginning, highlights, and ending of a story. 

Your organization have new people join regularly and it is easy to forget how it is being new.

Managers are busy and sometimes forget to empathize with their new hires - but for the new hires, joining your organization might be a life-changing experience.

Work is a big part of our identity, it is the opening line of countless conversations with strangers, and it is what pays for our family's well-being. It is where you spend most of your time on earth. Joining your organization is a big life decision and we should design onboarding with this in mind, not just the practical aspect. 


Our Story

Our mission is to break the bad onboarding circle!

Managers often blame hiring the wrong person, but often it is our own fault when people do not succeed.

I know this because I was poorly onboarded into a part-time retail job when I was around 18 years old, and I still remember to this day how that made me feel.

Most people have experienced bad onboarding at some point in their career and according to Gallup only 12% respond that their new hire onboarding experience was great.

For me, the story did not end there. Fast forward 11 years later.

I became a leader in Telco company and was manager for the sales and marketing department. The experience of being a manager revealed the true challenges of onboarding from the manager's perspective.

No one had taught me how to onboard people and the checklist from HR was not really that helpful in other parts than the compliance aspect!

Bad onboarding was causing the team to not perform and costing the company a a lot more than we wanted to admit.

I decided to break the circle after I got feedback from one of my employees that my "sink and swim" mindset was causing the team to not deliver. I read about how a great onboarding process leads to new hire success. After implementing a theoretic framework in practice I realized it was not so hard to deliver a much more effective onboarding experience in theory, but it was still hard and time-consuming to do. I needed an assistant of some kind!

I also realized that I was not alone - most companies have an "inconsistent onboarding" process. That is why I joined forces with some of the smartest people I know to create Preppio.

Our goal is to help busy managers become onboarding superstars, free up time for HR, and ensure more employees succeed in their new jobs - so we can break the circle once and for all!

HR can't be the assistant/coach and new hire buddy! 

HR does not have time to follow up on each person personally (or be an assistant for busy managers), even if they do try their best.

61% of new hires state that they do not think their new job lives up to their expectations and they feel "cheated on". Often because they got a good impression during the recruitment process. Once hired, they don't experience the same kind of attention.

In most companies, the investment made in recruiting is high compared to onboarding and it is hurting hiring success rates. It makes no sense not to bring out the best in the people we hire.

The guilt of knowing that the onboarding experience is "varying across the organization" is something most HR pros like yourself want to improve, but it is hard given the tools, budgets, and time you have. 70% of the new hire experience is not easy to change overnight. 

Creating the theoretical framework for onboarding but not having it implemented in practice with manager buy-in is a shame.

And, it is costing a lot in turnover (28% quit during the onboarding phase), slower time for new hires' productivity, and time wasted by managers, HR, and the employees.

If you want to build your onboarding experience I recommend you start here with our onboarding checklist by Talya Bauer Ph.D. 

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Current tech solutions do not work

Existing tools like SuccessFactors, Workday, and Oracle are not designed to deliver a good experience and do not create engagement or activate your people. They are focused on the most basic part of onboarding compliance.

Companies that have invested in onboarding modules from existing HR-providers have 1-10 automated e-mails being sent from these systems today. But, it is not working for the human aspect and success rates.

Your employees are not reading e-mails sent from these solutions either. Call To Action on internal e-mails is 24% - meaning 3 out of 4 people do not engage with the e-mails being sent to them from any of these tools. 

Few managers and employees engage with automated e-mails from HR systems unless it is mandatory to do so. 

Learning solutions are great for the learning aspect of onboarding, but most of the learning is done by humans we work with, and the learning solutions can't really ramp people up faster or reduce turnover.

Other dedicated onboarding solutions have never succeeded because they require people to download an app, and they are time-consuming for the organization to implement. They struggle with engagement once implemented. Ask yourself, could you really get a busy manager to engage with an app just for onboarding?

And for Gen Y & Z, these solutions are in stark contrast to the engaging content they are used to in their private lives with instant gratification, great storytelling, and a frictionless experience!

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A Science-driven partner

Talya Bauer PhD is the leading scientist in the field of employee onboarding. She can back my experience with many studies over the last 20 years, proving how critical onboarding is for new hire success - and how to maximize results.

She has helped some of the best companies in the world by implementing the 6C onboarding framework. 

When she met me and the Preppio team she liked the idea of taking the best practices and work she has done for over 20 years to create a better solution - so onboarding can work in practice.

Together we have written, "The Employee onboarding Playbook"  - How innovative companies use employee onboarding to increase employee loyalty, productivity, and engagement. We also worked on building Preppio for new hire success based on the 6 Cs onboarding framework:

  • Compliance
  • Clarification
  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Culture
  • Checkback
Talya Bauer and Amin Fard Book

How Preppio works

We built our SMS and onboarding chatbot to solve this problem of bad onboarding experiences because we know that people engage with short-form messages in tools they already use 95% of their time at work.

We have made it easy for HR to build Journeys that give the new hires a WOW onboarding experience that feels like it comes from a human and not a system.

Also, journeys that activate managers, new hires, and buddies with a frictionless approach compared to adding another app or logging in to an HR portal.

Our ready-to-use templates and journeys for onboarding for different roles make it easy to get started. Our customers have on average over 40 automated steps in their process from hiring to the first 12 months on the job. 

Preppio has proven to increase engagement with up to 5x for some of our customers who used an e-mail-driven approach before Preppio.


Product feature. It 4 - MS Teams (6)

Next Generation onboarding and beyond

Today the solution has AI capabilities which means, in addition to nudging and coaching you,  new hires, managers, and buddies can communicate with it when they need support.

We have customers in over 40 countries and we have been growing rapidly in the last couple of years with customers like AstraZeneca, ABB, AirAsia, Nokia to mention a few. If curious to learn more, you can subscribe to our newsletter here or book time to see how Preppio works here.

Our vision over time is to create a digital HR employee who can train, support, and create better relationships at work.

Making HR's role less reactive and more proactive, coaching managers to be better, and ensuring employee success!

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The highlight of this story ✨

We would love to show a demo of Preppio to inspire you to take action and break the cycle in your organization.

Book time in our calendar below to learn how we might help.

Common Questions:

1. We are ISO27001 and we adhere to the strictest IT security measures so it will be a breeze to get through IT.

2. We follow all guidelines when it comes to GDPR and can store data in the EU or US based on your needs. We do not share any data and protect it.

3. We can integrate into both MSTeams and most HR solutions in the market - but can also work without any integrations.

4. Yes, you can test Preppio on a few new hires to experience to solution in action.



Learn the fundamentals of onboarding that drive engagement and retention from our scientific advisor, Dr. Talya Bauer.


Provide a personalized onboarding experience for all employees, at scale

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