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Science-backed. Experience-driven.

Employee Onboarding Journeys

Preppio empowers HR to deliver digital onboarding experiences managers and new hires love.


World-class brands trust Preppio 


Automated employee onboarding software

Powerful drag and drop workflow builder 

Free up more time to focus on your team. Enjoy peace of mind knowing new hires are taken care of.

All while delivering a personalized experience for new hires. Without needing a person to send information out.


Virtual Onboarding Software

Get new hires up to full productivity faster

When onboarding is done with Preppio employees are productive days and weeks faster.

Create an easy onboarding experience for new hires, HR, and managers.

Any time. Any device.

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Chatbot & Onboarding Automation Software

Reduce turnover and improve engagement

Just in time customized communications, for each person, at the right time.

Deliver exciting and engaging preboarding and onboarding. Even with a distributed team.

Employees feel welcomed and valued from day one and throughout the first 6 months.


Personalizing the employee onboarding process, at scale

  • Save time with automated employee onboarding software
  • Increase engagement and reduce turnover
  • Speed up-ramp up time for new hires
  • Consistent onboarding across the organization
  • Coach managers into onboarding superstars

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Get an expert-backed onboarding framework

Discover the fundamentals of effective onboarding

Employee onboarding isn't an art, it's a science. Dr. Talya Bauer has studied onboarding successes and failures for over 20 years. Preppio brings these actionable insights directly to you, so you can set up processes that make an impact.

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Integrates with the tools you already use

Automate a WOW onboarding experience for new hires and make your managers onboarding superstars!

Signing date
Signing date



Hi Patrick and welcome to ACME 1f600 We look forward to having you – here is your onboarding starter pack: 1f517

-30 Days
-30 Days


hr-new (1)

Hi Hanne. Here is your first onboarding task to ensure Patrick gets the best possible start! 2611

-20 Days
-20 Days



There are some practicalities and information we need from you, please click this link to get started: 1f517

-10 Days
-10 Days


hr-new (1)

10 days until Patrick starts! You still have some onboarding tasks left, click here to see what is missing: 1f517

Start Date
Start Date



Hi Patrick! Welcome to your first day at work. Here is a video from our CEO to you: 1f3a5

Day 1
Day 1


hr-new (1)

Hi Hanne! Here is a video of the importance of building connection and confidence for new hires: 1f3a5

2 Days
2 Days



1f600 (1) Hi Stephen! You have been appointed as Patrick’s new hire buddy by Hanne. Click on this link to learn more: 1f517

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People decide if they want to stay or leave in the first 6 months on the job

First impressions matter! Don't fail your employees by giving them a bad onboarding experience. Keep your promise of a culture that cares about its people with Preppio.


What our customers say

Incredibly easy to get started ...

“It was incredibly easy to get started with Preppio for employee onboarding. It took 48 hours from starting the onboarding project until we had virtual onboarding in place.”

Measure results in real time ...

“The best part of using Preppio is that we now have the ability to measure results in real-time and adjust our employee communication accordingly.”

Surprisingly easy to set up ...

“It was surprisingly easy to set up Preppio. In less than an hour we had the integration working in Workplace from Facebook and we experienced value from the first message was sent.”


  • Content templates that makes it easy to get started
  • Drag and drop to design your onboarding process
  • Preboarding with SMS and custom branded webapp
  • Chatbot in messaging apps you already use
  • Onboarding analytics