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The Relationship Between Dream Jobs and Company Profitability

Ever wondered why the companies that do well, those that are liked by the media, where career opportunities seem to be a given and which seem to keep their staff for longer than the average 6-12 months, are those that also seem to actually care? Well, it’s no coincidence. Introducing employee onboarding excellence.

Major brands are increasingly adopting a coordinated and tailored approach to their new hire onboarding, employee onboarding experiences, and automated employee onboarding. LinkedIn sets a fine example:

Source: https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/onboarding/2020/steps-to-creating-virtual-onboarding-program


If you’ve got the right people on board, you know their story, role expectations have been discussed, set, and agreed – you’re likely to be on the right track to managing your people in a positive, interested, and productive manner. However, the pros of having happy staff radiate beyond the individual. In fact, it has a considerable impact on your brand’s wellbeing, and ultimately a direct impact on your bottom line.

You can’t get things done in your business without having a carefully curated and fine-tuned team of professionals and great workers around you. We talk about teams, collaboration, and management styles that affect output, mixed in with project portfolios, plans, budgets, workload, resources, measurement, and accountability. If you’re in business, there’s no arguing it’s complex terrain.

Acknowledging this complexity, and the need for a strategy that integrates the tools to deliver results is an insight in and of itself. That’s where a dedicated onboarding tool comes in.

An EXCELLENT, formal employee onboarding program will help your new hires:

  • Achieve speedier ramp-up time to allow them to do the job they were hired to do. This accelerates engagement levels and reduces unwanted turnover.
  • Acquire a strategic understanding of your brand. This translates to purpose in their job, so they’ll enjoy investing in your company.
  • Become oriented with the culture more quickly and directly nurture it with their immediate positive experiences. The power of your company’s culture feeds into the business’ overall energy felt via mutual respect, tolerance, diversity, and empathy.
  • Gain greater clarity, confidence, and connection in their roles. This becomes a win-win for you and the business
  • Strengthen their respect for you. While this is great for them, as a Manager this offers you a powerful leverage point to build an exceptional team to deliver results.

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