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10 reasons you need a science-based onboarding framework

What is “science-based onboarding?”

It’s a term we use a lot at Preppio to describe our approach to onboarding that actively facilitates employee success and brings the focus back to employees.

A science-based onboarding framework is essential for effective employee onboarding.

The research from our very own Chief Scientific Officer, Talya Bauer, has been widely cited by industry specialists and commentators, corporates, and institutions globally.

Bauer’s work is paving the way for the HR industry to implement a research-backed, proven system that is also entirely consistent with the current global societal need that has human behavior people at its heart.

It started with the 4 C’s of onboarding over 20 years ago and the framework is recently been updated with 5 C’s of onboarding and 6 C’s of onboarding since then.

10 “why’s” behind the 6 C’ onboarding framework

In this list we start with the framework itself and show how each “why” leads to the next. The sequence of “why’s” highlights the power and impact of science-backed employee onboarding on business performance, through your people.

1. A clear framework starts by prompting you to identify your onboarding pain-points.

2. By understanding the pain points of your company and your employees, you are able to articulate what needs to be done better.

3. Once you understand your employee’s experience, tactics can be identified to improve areas of concern.

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4. The process exposes the integral relationship between employee behavior and business outcomes.

5. When we understand employee potential, and its impact on the business, we can assess what tools or levers are available to the organization to enable employees to thrive.

6. The process makes clear the distinction between old school orientation and strategic onboarding practices. How one is superficial, the other drives ROI.

7. Understanding the concepts of connection and belonging in the workplace also highlights the risks of ignoring the business outcomes these can achieve.

8. Having clarity about organizational maturity and what this means to your onboarding efforts will kick-start high-level thinking and your ability to present a business case to your team.

9. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the 6C’s, empowers you to define your short-term tactical, and long-term strategic goals.

10. Science-backed strategic onboarding involves the right people, a solid understanding of the recruitment to onboarding funnel, has built-in accountability, and can be tracked and evaluated.

The details behind our science-based onboarding framework

Download “The Science of Onboarding”, a chapter excerpt from “The Employee Onboarding Playbook.”

This book is written by Preppio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Talya Bauer, Ph.D and Amin Fard, CEO of Preppio.

This chapter, written by Talya, shares the research behind the development of the 6 C’s, details on each of the 6 C’s, and onboarding maturity.

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