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Boost your Graduate Onboarding Program with an SMS-driven approach

Onboarding recent graduates is a unique challenge, especially with the often substantial gap between offer letters and day one. Let’s explore concise strategies, including the innovative Preppio SMS-driven approach, to revolutionize this process.

Navigating the gap between offer letters and day one can be a unique challenge in onboarding recent graduates. In this concise guide, let's explore strategies, specifically highlighting the impactful Preppio SMS-driven approach, to revolutionize this process.

Pain points when onboarding graduates:

The delay between offer acceptance and joining can impact enthusiasm. It is a time-consuming task for managers or HR to keep up the enthusiasm. Automated or personal e-mails are not read by Gen Y and Z, so it is hard to communicate in a way that engages them.

1. Pre-Onboarding Engagement 

Leverage Preppio to keep the excitement alive by offering insights into your culture, starting the learning journey early, creating experiences that new hires will tell their friends and family about, and getting the tasks done one time. 

2. Tailored Learning Initiatives

Design onboarding for fresh graduates, integrating traditional training with tech-driven experiences like micro-courses and mentorship programs. Enhance this with the unique Preppio SMS-driven approach.

3. Personalized Mentorship

Establish a mentorship program guiding graduates through organizational nuances, fostering a sense of belonging. Complement this with the Preppio SMS-driven touch for instant connection.

4. Continuous Communication

Maintain an open line of communication. Regularly update graduates on organizational news, industry trends, and role-related changes, utilizing SMS for immediate engagement.

5. Tech-Driven Onboarding

Save hours by building a streamlined, immersive onboarding experience. Incorporate Preppio's SMS-driven approach for quick and impactful interactions, at scale.

6. Success Metrics

The business case is great since graduates have a long pre-boarding period and takes time to get them up to productivity. Saving days in ramp-up time, while saving time for managers and HR. 

In summary, the journey from the offer letter to day one is crucial for recent graduates. Implementing these strategies, with a specific focus on Preppio's SMS-driven approach, not only bridges the gap effectively but also sets the stage for a lasting relationship with your new talent.

Cheers to molding the future leaders of your organization with onboarding that creates connection and confidence that they choose the right place to build a career!