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Preppio employee experience advisory services

Preppio Advisory Services helps HR identify and execute on the Employee Experience strategies that fit their unique needs — strategies that create value for their companies and meaning for their employees.

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Use data for actionable change

Preppio's Advisory team is composed of industry experts and scientists. We bring unique insight and passion into your employee experience strategy.

We have industry knowledge, explore cross-customer platform data, tapping into primary academic research sources, and run market analyses to understand what practices are successful, the conditions under which they are successful, and what that success means across individuals, teams, and companies.

Our team is taking a hard look at industry best practices and innovating them to meet the needs of businesses today.


Preppio Advisory Services Solutions

Leverage our experts to address your company's unique People Strategy needs

Building your onboarding program

Learn how to adapt and successfully rollout the 6Cs onboarding framework at your company

Building your employee life cycle program

From recruting to offboarding - Create an employee experience that turns employees into champions

People activation and leadership

Nudge, Coach and Inspire your managers to engage with the programs, information, and their colleagues

Employee engagement surveys

Build a customized Engagement Survey strategy that delivers key insights and drives adoption