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Employee Journeys that WOW

Onboarding, offboarding, and learning journeys that activate your people in communication channels like SMS and Microsoft Teams

Employee Onboarding Frontline

Powering Exceptional Employee Journeys at these great companies

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“I would recommend Preppio to everyone because it makes our managers' lives easier with automation in MSTeams. It ensures all new hires are on a fast track to success and helps me deliver a 5-star onboarding consistent with our values and culture.”

“Preppio's chatbot and SMS deliver 90% read rates, significantly more than using email. Onboarding surveys prove it's a success - most employees rating it 5/5. HR automated over 50 onboarding tasks in Preppio, saving us hours in manual work for each new hire.”

“It took 48 hours from starting the onboarding project until we had our first onboarding journey in place. Finally, our managers get the support they need, and our new hires get a truly WOW experience when joining.”

“The best part of using Preppio is that we now can measure results and insights and adjust our employee communication accordingly.”

“Preppio has helped us go from head-hunting to heart-hunting. New hires tell us it is the best onboarding they have ever experienced, and it helps HR gain insight and control so we can improve over time.”

"Since using Preppio, employees feel more welcomed and managers appreciate our easy onboarding and automated process. Now we can guide them through the journey for faster completion without spending time on manual work."

"Newcomers' feedback is that the messages before the starting date made them feel more welcomed and less scared of the unknown. It gives them a more engaging and automated experience."

“Preppio gave us more than what we expected! It is super easy to use and it has helped our managers give all new hires an equal, professional, and warm welcome to the company. ”

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Personal experience, at scale!

Journeys for different people and purposes. From onboarding to offboarding and important moments in between

Help managers become onboarding superstars 

Cut through the information overflow with a time-saving solution. Make it easy for hiring managers to deliver on the employee experience and do the tasks 

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Based on science and best practices

6C of onboarding is the science-backed framework to deliver a world-class onboarding program. We make it easy to follow best practices with our ready-to-go templates and workflows


Reduce turnover and increase productivity with a science-backed onboarding framework 

Discover the fundamentals of effective onboarding

Employee onboarding isn't an art, it's a science. Dr. Talya Bauer has studied onboarding successes and failures for over 20 years. Preppio brings these actionable insights directly to you, so you can set up processes that make an impact.

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Enterprise Grade Security

Onboarding analytics

Microsoft Azure hosting

Hosting in EU or US based on where you want to keep your data

200+ integrations

200+ integrations

Chatbot in MSTeams, Workplace or Slack. Integrate to HRIS

IT Security

IT Security

Enterprise-ready storage. Data encryption. ISO27001. Pen testing.

200+ best practices

GDPR compliant

It is easy to delete employee data and ensure compliance with GPR


People decide if they want to stay or leave in the first 6 months on the job

First impressions matter - Keep your promise of a culture that cares about its people with Preppio. Read 32 statistic findings on employee onboarding here