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Bring Your Staff Back to Work
(without regrets)

Getting them back and doing it safely is your challenge. Preppio is here to help.

Get the latest information, best practices, and expert advice for reboarding your team after COVID-19.

  • Expert advice from Talya Bauer PhD and creator of the 5C's of onboarding
  • Free content templates to get you started
  • Personalised help to write your reboarding messaging
  • Solutions to support your return to the workplace

Back to Work Resources

Post-COVID, onboarding will continue to be an important part of successful organizations and their success, but a more pressing concern is that of reboarding. Learn the best practices you should be considering as you get ready to bring your staff back to work.

Employees pay attention to how the leadership communicates and supports them in this crisis. Learn about how you communicate with empathy during these challenging times.

To keep everyone in sync and ensure good internal communications it’s important to follow a clear procedure when it comes to your furlough recall process. Get our free furlough recall letter template to get started.

With so much uncertainty in the workplace these days your staff is going to have some anxiety coming back to work. Learn how to best manage this and communicate effectively.

Health and safety during onboarding

Organizations that make it clear, through their words and actions, that health and safety is a priority for them as well will go a long way toward helping employees re-engage and feel a sense of obligation to reciprocate to support their organization. Learn how to incorporate this important messaging into your reboarding.

Free personalized help with reboarding

Not sure where to start? Need help writing your reboarding messaging? We're here to help. Book a meeting with our specialists for a free consultation and support bringing your staff back to work.

Talya Bauer Ph.D.

Chief Onboarding Scientist

Talya is the Preppio Cheif Scientific Advisor and the creator of the 5Cs of Onboarding.

Learn more about her impressive background.