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Preppio prices

Graduate Success


For graduates, trainees and interns joining the workplace for the first time

  • Up to 20 journeys per year
  • Checkmark SMS-driven onboarding



End-to-end mobile-friendly employee onboarding that delivers a WOW experience, at scale

  • Everything in Graduate plan +
  • Up to 50 journeys per year
  • Checkmark Multiple employee Journeys
  • Checkmark Email-driven onboarding


Ask us

For onboarding, offboarding & important moments in between.

For companies hiring more than 50 employees annually

  • Everything in Professional +
  • Checkmark Unlimited touch points
  • Checkmark Integration to HR-software
  • Checkmark Chatbot in MSTeams
  • Checkmark Chatbot in Workplace
  • Checkmark Chatbot in Slack
  • Checkmark SSO
  • Checkmark Advisory services
  • Checkmark Offboarding
  • Checkmark Reboarding
  • Checkmark Parental leave
  • Checkmark Custom journeys
  • Checkmark Manager portal
Why invest in onboarding?

The business case of investing in onboarding. Between 5-20x return of invested capital. See here for more